FAQs w/o Answers

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Complete answers to these questions will be provided as soon as they are available.

When will BVSD host public forums to gather input from the school communities and BVSD taxpayers?

When will the BVSD School Board have a discussion of the merits and demerits of the proposal -- selling the University Hill Elementary campus to CU, moving and possibly expanding Uni Hill, and renting the new school buildings after hours to CU or the city?

What would be the educational program at the new Uni Hill Elementary/expanded PK-8 and would the public and school board know this before a decision is made whether or not to sell the Uni Hill Elementary property to CU? 

**Would the new middle school be a pure bilingual school?  If so, how does BVSD ensure that the school is viable?  Enrollment into a pure bilingual program is limited only to bilingual speakers.  A small, bilingual middle school would not offer all the electives and extra-curricular activities that other BVSD middle schools offer.  

** Or would the middle school contain a bilingual track like Casey and, starting in 2017, Manhattan?  How would this affect enrollment at Casey and Manhattan?

Would current Uni Hill Elementary students be required to continue at the school for the middle school grades?  When the current first graders enrolled, their families expected to attend a different school for grades 6-8.

What would the University of Colorado do with the Uni Hill Elementary campus?  Are the buildings and the playgrounds (currently used by neighbors after hours) in jeopardy?

Why aren't other buyers besides CU being considered for the Uni Hill Elementary campus? See the Boulder County Assessor's information on the Uni Hill campus at http://maps.boco.solutions/propertysearch/ by typing 956 16th Street Boulder in the search field.

Can BVSD students, families and employees question the proposal without fear of retribution?