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Message and Invitation from the principal of Uni Hill Elementary, Ina Rodriguez-Myer:
As the principal of University Hill Elementary School, one of my goals is to provide the best possible education for students. Part of doing this requires an appropriate facility. At this point, I am not advocating to stay or sell. What I am asking is for people to request a tour of the building to understand why the possibility of selling the building is an option. Come in and see what we would need to accomplish to bring the best possible facility to our students. BVSD has already investigated this and understands the cost involved in doing so. If BVSD decides not to sell would Uni Hill Neighborhood Association, BNA, and Historic Boulder contribute resources to make this happen?
Call the Uni Hill Main Office to request a tour: 720-561-5416.

Response to the principal's comment:
In response to the Uni Hill Elementary School Principal’s question, I would like to say this:  We, the voters, passed a bond which includes funds for improving Uni Hill Elementary School to meet your needs. - T. M.

BVSD Superintendent Messinger letters to school communities:

BVSD Superintendent Messinger responses to League of Women Voters:

BVSD Superintendent Messinger communication with the University Hill Neighborhood Association (UHNA):

BVSD Superintendent Messinger report to the Boulder City Council School Issues Subcommittee:

November 28, 2016 - Agenda.  Meeting minutes not yet available.

Uni Hill PTA leadership communication with BVSD School Board

Historic Boulder communication with BVSD

Public Comment at the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee meeting

January 18, 2017: First of seven public comments to CBOC, all expressing concern over the decision process 

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee communication with BVSD

January 20, 2017: CBOC Letter to BVSD Board of Education

Other Documents:

New Vista/Uni Hill Feasibility Study (dated 1/17/17, not shared with BVSD School Board until 2/28/17)