History Notes

1877 - University of Colorado opens its doors.

1906 – University Hill School opens its doors at 956 16th St. Later, the school is expanded, more than doubling its size. The address is still on 16th St, but the school seems to face Broadway. 

1957 - School District Organization Act of 1957 consolidates many smaller districts and results in the current Boulder Valley School District RE-2 geographic boundaries.

1982 - Lincoln Elementary closes and its student body merges with Uni Hill Elementary's student body

1989 – The dual-immersion English-Spanish program begins at Uni Hill.  Students may enroll in the bilingual strand or a monolingual English, experiential strand. 
1989 - Dean Damon is hired as BVSD Superintendent.  He advocates moving from a junior high model to a middle school model.

1993 - New Vista High School is founded by Rona Wilensky on the current University Hill campus in the small, primary building on 17th Street.  Later New Vista moves to the Paddock building in the Table Mesa neighborhood, and Community Montessori moves into the small, primary building.

1998 - The city of Boulder designates University Hill Elementary a historic landmark on Aug 4th thanks to the efforts of Historic Boulder and BVSD Supt Tom Seigel.
1998 - BVSD voters pass a $63.7 million bond.  

2000 - A drive-through drop-off and pick-up lane is constructed in front of the Broadway side of Uni Hill Elementary. 

2003 – Escuela Bilingüe Washington is closed and its student body merges with the Uni Hill Elementary student body at the Uni Hill campus. The experiential program at University Hill Elementary is closed down; all students are in the bilingual program.  Some students transfer to other schools.  
2003 - The Uni Hill campus is expanded to include the former Community Montessori building. (Community Montessori is housed at the Columbine Elementary site for one year and then moved to the Paddock Building in the Table Mesa neighborhood.) 
2003 - Baseline Middle School is merged with Burbank Middle School at the Burbank site and renamed Manhattan Middle School.  New Vista High School moves from the Paddock Building to the vacated Baseline Middle School site near the corner of Broadway and Baseline.

2006 - BVSD voters pass a $296.8 million bond.  Casey Middle School is almost entirely scrapped and rebuilt except for its historic facade.  Every school receives some bond money.
2006 - Uni Hill Elementary celebrates 100 years of educating children.

2012 - A pedestrian and bicycle underpass requiring a large piece of Uni Hill Elementary land facing Broadway is completed.

2014 - BVSD voters pass a $576.5 million bond, the largest bond in Colorado history.  Bond projects include a new school and replacing three other schools.  Every school receives some bond money.  More than half of the bond money is for basic building maintenance and improvements.

2016 - BVSD voters pass a permanent property tax starting at $10 million (about 1.7 mills) increasing to a maximum of 4 mills.  This property tax is in addition to previously passed permanent mill levy overrides in 2002, 2005, and 2010.

2017 - Manhattan Middle School will create a bilingual (English-Spanish) track beginning in the 2017-18 school year.

Note: Dates and information are accurate to the best of our knowledge.  If you find an error, please contact us via the Contacts and Links page and provide a source for the corrected information.